USD’s Comité Mexico Celebrated Its Ninth Annual Reunion in Mexico City.

An intimate group of alumni and friends joined Comité Mexico for the University of San Diego’s Ninth Annual Alumni Reunion on March 2 in the auditorium at Club Piso 51 in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City.

During the event’s inaugural educational lecture, Jaime Alonso Gómez, PhD, the dean and a professor of management at USD’s School of Business, discussed the Strategy and Culture in a Global Economy: Skills and Competencies for Effective Decision Makers.

Dr. Gomez explained that businesses should not only focus on generating revenues, but also be socially inclusive and ecologically friendly and dedicated to ideas that promote and support people, profit, planet and peace. This is what USD calls the four Ps and when a business is mindful of all four elements, it can lead change.

Dr. Gomez knows all about leading change. Early in his career, Gómez, who is originally from Monterrey, Mexico, worked in Mexico and abroad as an industrial engineer. He worried as much about the employees’ ability to advance and better their lives as he did about managing the engineering tasks at hand. It was then that he answered the calling to become a teacher, believing strongly that education is an agent for peace and prosperity, for human dignity, and for making society better. He has dedicated himself to supporting those ideals.

Since then, Gómez has built a 30-year international career as professor, consultant and researcher. Prior to taking the helm at USD’s School of Business, Gómez served as founding dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration and Leadership at Tec de Monterrey campuses in Mexico City, Monterrey, and ultimately at the national level for the entire of the Tec de Monterrey system.

“When a business focuses not only in generating utilities, but also worries about peace, prosperity and justice in all its regions of influence, it begins to generate a positive cycle,” Gomez said. “Everyone wins.”