The Science of Nutrition.

It is always nice to come across women who are amazing full-time mothers and also have a successful career. I admire women that can find balance within all the responsibilities life brings and Lauren is a great example of this.

Lauren Weiss was born and raised here in San Diego. She is the daughter of Rusti Bartell and Herb Weiss, who are the owners of Humphrey’s Concerts By The Bay. Weiss Studied at UCLA where she majored in biology, later at Tufts University she received a Master’s in Nutritional Biochemistry and Exercise Physiology, and lastly with a PhD in Behavioral Nutrition at Columbia University.
After finishing her education, Lauren started working on a book about nutrition. The goal of her book is to emphasize the importance of changing eating behaviors using psychosocial theories that are critical for long-term behavior change. She also suggests a few important diet rules for losing weight and maintaining weight loss based on science.

Being a full time mom and a scientist is not easy. Lauren usually gets 2-3 workouts a week which consists of alternating between Pilates, lifting weights and jogging. When there is no time to work out, she has to watch her diet a little bit closer. Her diet is simple; at breakfast coffee with eggs, a snack for later (no lunch), and a dinner that consist of protein always with a green vegetable. “One of my ‘rules’ is that I only eat very low glycemic index (GI) foods after 3 pm. Low GI foods do not raise blood sugar and insulin levels, so by avoiding these insulin, which is a fat-building hormone, remains low and therefore, the body can burn fat (or not build fat) while I am sleeping. Very low GI food choices are limited to mostly green vegetables, with a few exceptions,” Lauren shares with Giving Back Magazine.

Lauren is a mother of two beautiful daughters, Daniela and Alexa Lopez. They like to introduce their mom as the “food doctor”; Lauren does not want her daughters to be concerned with what they eat since they are still growing. Research shows that if you restrict food in children it often backfires, but she does put a limit on sweets and sugar. Lauren shares, “It is not easy but I am lucky in that my job is flexible and mostly during the day so I get to spend most afternoons and weekends with my children.”

During her free time, Lauren enjoys dining out with her family at some of her favorite places around the city. Like Humphrey’s Restaurant where she enjoys a salad, grilled fish and a vegetable. Also Eddie V’s and Donovan’s to get a nice steak with a side of spinach or any other green vegetable.