By Angelica Gavaldon.

Lauren Bartell Weiss is a beautiful mom in who we can find inspiration for balancing our days by keeping our priorities in order, working, giving back to the community, and staying healthy and beautiful. Here is a day in her life.

6 a.m. Wake up and start going

I wake up to feed the dog and prepare the kids for school. I don’t work out in the mornings due to being very busy but manage to do it three to four days a week after dropping of the kids to school.

7 a.m. Nutrition

For breakfast I have a protein bar and coffee pre-workout and usually eggs, cheese, avocado, and some fruit post-workout. I try to keep carbohydrates to a minimum throughout the day. I also try to focus on healthy foods with the kids but I also don’t take away “kid” foods and candy as nutrition research shows that can have detrimental consequences on kids eating habits in the future. My diet is very important and I always stick to a few strict rules every day.

9 a.m. Workout

My workout varies depending on the day but usually includes cardio (Stairmaster, rowing machine) and a weight training session. Exercises for the core/abs/back are a must for every workout. I also workout at least one day on the weekend when my kids are at tennis practice.

11 a.m. On the Job

I am currently running a clinical trial testing a new drug and exercise program that has been developed to increase muscle mass in elderly patients due to a condition called sarcopenia where there is advanced muscle wasting, resulting in difficulty walking and reduced independence and quality of life. The work is very gratifying as I can see major improvements in the quality of life of many of my patients. Sometimes I even gets to sneak a workout in when I train my patients.

4 p.m. Charity

I have my kids involved in tennis, singing and piano lessons, the day can get very busy. I am also involved in Las Patronas of La Jolla which has monthly meetings. Las Patronas is committed to providing financial assistance to nonprofit organizations in San Diego County that provide valuable community services in the areas of health, education, social services, and the arts. I have held many positions in Las Patronas, my most recent one was a board position and the Chair of the Investment Committee where I had a role to oversee the Las Patronas Endowment Fund.

7 p.m. Night Time

My priorities always rely around my children. Balance is not always easy, but it is necessary for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. When it is time to put my children to bed, we always read a book before bed to wind down from the day. Throughout the day I also make a little time for myself to connect with friends.

Photo Credit: Jdixx photography