To speak of viniculture is to not only give recognition to a culture, a drink, recognize individuals from this environment, cellars, types of grapes, harvest and more, but it goes far beyond and touches the origins of a city and the history that gave it life.


The Northern Door (La Puerta Norte) is part of the foundation of Tecate from successful era where the region was completely dedicated to cultivating the vine, agriculture and livestock. It was in the 1940’s when individuals such as Alberto Tena Bonilla produced wine for sale at Bodegas de Tanamá (now Rancho Tecate Resort).

The end of the era came about in the 1960’s, caused by urbanization of the region and a change in economic activities. With a desire to save the history, the memories, the first vocation of Tecate and its valleys, a private initiative alongside the government created a concept called The Northern Door; giving the recognition to the good wine, traditions, exquisite landscapes and excellent temperature of the region. Currently world-class wines are found throughout the region including Cava García, Vinos Tanamá, Vinos Don Juan, Vinos Ulloa, Rancho San Lorenzo, Rancho Tecate Resort and those that are close to launching.

To the Wine Route a new place is added where the origins of viniculture arise, not as a new element, but as the piece that gives a welcome to visitors, locals and lovers of the wine culture. They await you at the Northern Door to the Wine Route.