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We recently sat down with Kimberly Herrell, President of Schubach Aviation, adoring mother and travel enthusiast. During our interview, we learned about her passion, what inspires her, and her successful career.

Giving Back Magazine: What has been your greatest career influence?
Kimberly Herrell: Henry Schubach has been a great mentor. By placing his trust in my ideas he gave me the opportunity to keep improving them. Henry’s commitment to prioritizing relationships has been a guiding principal for me.

GB: How would you describe your leadership approach?
KH: I believe in empowering others. I live by the ethos that people want to contribute and do work they are proud of.

GB: What advice would you give other women trying to succeed?
KH: Have a vision. A lot of the opportunities I’ve been given resulted from having a clear vision for the company’s direction.

GB: What tips would you offer to someone interested in traveling private?
KH: Do your research upfront to find a company that you trust with a good reputation.

GB: Do you have any exciting travel plans you are looking forward to?
KH: This September we are heading St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, our favorite place in the South of France, with our 6-year-old daughter Ella. I’m a hands-on mother first and foremost, so spending meaningful time with my daughter is essential. I enjoy weekend getaways to Palm Springs, LA or Napa Valley.

GB: How did you get involved in Promises2Kids, Shelter to Soldier and the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego?
KH: We selected Promises2Kids as a non-profit partner as their purpose really resonates with us. Shelter to Soldier’s aim to help both veterans and shelter dogs was a really great fit for our company. Contemporary and modern art is a personal passion of mine. I think MCASD does a fantastic job of bringing globally recognized exhibitions to our community, it’s so important to keep creativity alive.

Her success, passion, and philanthropic spirit are exemplary to us all.