Sharing San Diego With Us

Ken is living proof that persistence pays off. A fourth-generation native Californian who grew up in Pasadena and graduated from San Diego State University in 1974, he was just a kid in Junior College when he began to dream of one day presenting a TV show similar to that done by veteran Los Angeles newsman Ralph Story. Ken watched Story’s delivery and writing style, and when Ken transferred to San Diego State and went to work for then 780-watt KEBS radio, it was his first platform for such a show.


Over the years, KEBS became KPBS radio and TV, and while working full-time at the radio station, Ken became a familiar on-air face of on air auctions, pledge drives, political programs and a brief TV series in the 1970’s called “About San Diego”. They were stories, some out of his own curiosity and some suggested by viewers, about the odd and fascinating untold history of our county. They were brief snippets that appeared on commercial radio and TV news programs, until finally becoming a half hour show on NBC7 in 2007. When he returned to KPBS in 2010, the station allowed him to bring content created there to be a part of the KPBS shows for years to come. Ken Kramer is now the creator, producer and host of the television series “Ken Kramer’s About San Diego” on KPBS-TV seen Thursdays at 8 PM (and repeated throughout the week)

Through 30 years of Ken’s dedication, countless thousands of us have learned how our streets and communities got their names, and where nearly forgotten parts of San Diego can still be seen today. Among the many stories you can expect, you will find famous San Diegans, origins of street names, hidden surprises, historical landmarks, neighborhood history, trivia and ghost stories! Ken Kramer’s About San Diego has been honored with numerous Emmy and Golden Mike Awards and The County Board of Supervisors described the show as “…more valuable to San Diego History than any two or three of our local museums combined.”. The show is educational and fun to watch, even more fun to make, and in the end, a true product of persistence.