University of San Diego Alumnus Represents Those Who Are Underrepresented.

Victor Torres ’84 BA, ’88 JD, grew up in the barrio in National City and has dedicated his life to serving his family, his community and his country. After serving in the Air Force, Torres earned a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from the University of San Diego and has dedicated his life to serving the Latino community.

“By the time my clients get to me, they’re experiencing the worst day of their lives. But the worst day of their lives does not have to define who they are,” Torres shared with Giving Back Magazine. Torres has never asked any of his clients if they committed the crimes for which they were accused. His job is to defend them and to defend the U.S. Constitution.

Torres is a director of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, which recognized him as Attorney of the Year in October 2011. He also was awarded the Pro Bono Service Award by Legal Services Corporation for his work with California Rural Legal Assistance. He was treasurer and vice president of the San Diego County Bar Association and was the spokesman for El Grupo, a now disbanded coalition of human rights organizations in San Diego’s North County. Recently, Torres announced his candidacy as judge of the Superior Court of San Diego County.

“At the end of the day, the legal profession is a service profession,” Torres says. “My father and uncles gave me the example of how to serve my country. I have had lots of great examples of how to serve my community and family, and my mom taught me how to serve God. That is what we are here to do.”