San Diego Holocaust Survivor Coalition

Survivors of the Holocaust are not simply victims of horrible atrocities, they are our heroes, teachers and inspiration on the power of resilience and perseverance. For that, our community will be forever shaped through their lessons and spirit. We owe them our eternal admiration and are dedicated to ensuring that they age with dignity, security and compassion in the embrace of our community for the rest of their lives and an enduring legacy after they are gone.

San Diego is home to nearly 500 Holocaust Survivors with emerging, dynamic needs. Many are outliving their resources. They are at risk for poor physical and mental health, depression, and social isolation. They face challenges that can trigger memories of traumatic experiences. After enduring one of the darkest periods in human history, The Jewish Federation of San Diego County wants to ensure they live comfortably for the remaining years of their lives. Taking care of Holocaust Survivors is not just the responsibility of any one organization, but the responsibility of our entire community.

Led by the Jewish Federation, in partnership with Jewish Family Service and the Jewish Community Foundation, the Holocaust Survivor Coalitionwill activate the entire community to ensure EVERY Survivor in San Diego County lives the remaining years of their lives with the dignity they deserve.

Together, we will work to mobilize community resources; to activate volunteers and key service providers for urgent and emerging needs; to elevate the level of care and connection; and to honor the legacies and memories of San Diego Holocaust Survivors. The Coalition will assemble a committee of professionals and community leaders to combine existing services with new avenues of care to allow Survivors to live independently in their homes.

In addition to the Holocaust Survivor Coalition, the Jewish Federation is deeply dedicatedto memorializing the stories of local Holocaust Survivors through the Life & Legacy Project. As we fulfill our promise to NEVER FORGET, NEVER AGAIN, we hope to inform and educate future generations. Local Survivor, Manya Wallenfels, shared, “Being a Survivor, it is my duty to tell the world what happened to us… and that is why I take responsibility to go out and talk to young children… asking them to make sure that in the future those atrocities will not happen again – not only to the Jewish people, but all mankind.”If you know a local Survivor who would like to be included in this project, please reach out to Darren Schwartz at the Jewish Federation.

Together, we will work to embrace the remaining Holocaust Survivors in San Diego. We invite every organization and individual to join us in this endeavor. To learn more and get involved please visit