Originally from Mexico City, Jacqueline Gaistman grew up here in San Diego with her family. She learned to value family bonding and was taught her giving spirit from her father. Like a true food-lover, she knows the importance of sharing, including their family business, Our Green Affair. The family business was started when her younger sister was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that limits her food options. Being the strong family that they are, it led them to change their way of eating to support her. They ended up altering their eating habits without compromising taste. Since they realized they could still enjoy the food, they wanted to share it with the world.

Follow a day in Jacqueline’s life to see how she brings health, happiness, passion and drive into her everyday work and family life:

5:30 am Starting the Day
Jacqueline starts her day with a pep in her step, with her usual cup of coffee with oat milk for breakfast. Then, she heads out to do a workout session with her family or boyfriend for an hour. She enjoys doing sculpt yoga, as it helps her relieve stress before the big day ahead. After getting ready, she heads to work at her restaurant. The first thing she does is check inventory to see what needs to be replenished for the week before opening doors.

12 pm Mid-Day Activities
For lunch, Jacqueline will have something from the restaurant, which is easy and gives her the fuel to get through the rest of the day. Sometimes, she enjoys food from other places such as Indian Palace in Hillcrest. After lunch time, she will re-evaluate and see what needs to be changed, what is working, and what needs to be done before dinner time. At this time, she also restocks the line and makes sure that everyone is aware of what is going on and what can improve.

4 pm Afternoon Routine
Dinner time is when business tends to be swamped, so Jacqueline is usually busy trying to make everything smooth and perfect for the customers. It is so important to her that customers get the best experience and enjoy the food that is being made for them.

6 pm Dinner/End of the day
After a long day of working, Jacqueline, her boyfriend and her family come together as family. It might be stressful running a business and working with family since they are together almost 24/7, but according to Jacqueline she very much enjoys it because they support one another no matter what life brings.

With the support of her family and her passion for what she does, Jacqueline is able to do it all.