gtk-venterLife at the Speed of Light

Transformative scientific and medical breakthroughs are happening faster than ever before, and much of this progress is due to exciting advances in genomics. Researchers at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), a not-for-profit genomics research institute located in LA Jolla, CA and Rockville, MD, have been pioneers in the field for over two decades.

Recently ranked in the top 1% of research institutions around the world for research impact, JCVI scientists are leading the field in discoveries that have unlocked many of the mysteries of life in the simplest bacterial cells and humans. From the first complete human genome to enabling technology for rabid vaccine deployment, JCVI scientists are paving the way for discovery in the critical areas of human genomic medicine, infectious disease, synthetic biology, the environment and energy.

One area of research at JCVI that is transforming the way we think about science is synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is the ability to design any kind of DNA sequence of interest and then create it in the lab on a large scale. The “minimal cell” project currently nearing completion by a team of researchers at JCVI gives a platform to better understand and analyze the essential requirements for cellular life. Today, this technology is currently being applied to design vaccines for bacterial and viral pathogens using approaches that are faster and safer than traditional methods.

The J. Craig Venter Institute 2014 Annual Black Tie Gala is a unique opportunity for guests to learn more about their research and have a direct impact on the course of modern science. This year they will be showcasing their research in digital biology and sharing how their scientists are accelerating progress and discoveries to improve human health and our environment – JCVI science is life at the speed of light. This exclusive black tie celebration of “Life at the Speed of Light” will be held on October 18, 2014 at the JCVI in La Jolla — the world’s first net zero energy genomics laboratory – and will include special guests, live entertainment and a seated dinner. For more information on sponsorship opportunities for the Annual Gala, or to learn more about JCVI’s research, please contact Katie Collins, Director of Development at (858) 200-1847.