San Diego Air & Space Museum.

On Wednesday, October 3, 2018, the San Diego Air & Space Museum will celebrate the International Air & Space Hall of Fame’s Distinguished Class of 2018 in the Museum’s Edwin D. McKellar Pavilion of Flight. Guests from around the world will assemble for a spectacular evening of fun and extraordinary recognition during an evening no one will soon forget.

The Class of 2018 includes a diverse collection of air and space luminaries including: Peggy Whitson, the first female commander of the International Space Station (ISS) and holder of the record for most days in space by a NASA astronaut; Ellen Ochoa, the first Hispanic woman in the world to go into space; Brad Tilden, Chairman/CEO of Alaska Air Group, parent company of Alaska Airlines; Bruce Whitman, Chairman, President and CEO of FlightSafety International; Lloyd “Fig” Newton, the first African American pilot in the United States Air Force Thunderbirds; Richard I. Bong, America’s Ace of Aces and recipient of the Medal of Honor, America’s highest military award; and the Corporate Angel Network / Air Charity Network, national charitable organizations whose missions are to transport those in serious need.

“We are especially pleased to honor this exemplary Class of 2018 because these men and women are amongst the most talented figures in air and space history,” Jim Kidrick, President & CEO of the San Diego Air & Space Museum proudly shared with Giving Back Magazine. “Aviation and space exploration, as embodied by the honorees in the International Air & Space Hall of Fame, directly represents the human pioneering and exploring spirit.”

Since 1963, the International Air & Space Hall of Fame has honored more than 200 of the world’s most significant pilots, crew members, visionaries, inventors, aerospace engineers, business leaders, preservationists, designers and space explorers.

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