Instituto de la Visión Dr. Méndez

Extremely well known and respected as an ophthalmologist, Dr. Antonio Méndez has steady hands, excellent experience and utilizes the latest in cutting-edge technology. Dr. Mendez founded Instituto de la Vision in 1965.


After graduating as an ophthalmologist, he furthered his studies at the famed Association for Avoiding Blindness in Mexico City doing his residency at the ophthalmology department at the National Medical Center in Mexico City. Dr. Mendez is the leader in ophthalmology in the state of Baja California and has consulted thousands of local and foreign patients in his clinics in Tijuana and Mexicali.

Dr. Mendez is an international leader in refractive surgery, cataracts, intraocular contact lenses, Lasik, and much more and his highly sought after expertise in eye and vision care is a benefit to all that live in the region.