23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival

by Edwin Rendon

Fantasies are created to evoke desires of a different reality where perfection reigns and happiness last forever. That’s the cause for the agents at Illusions Inc., to make souls void of compassion turn a smile; even, if it’s for a moment.

The group of artists, from actors to magicians, work on a case-by-case basis where smiles are needed most. Their new assignment: conjure up a long-gone grandson for a grandmother whose affluent husband quietly manufactured a fictitious grandchild via letters covering up his real grandson’s corrupt life’s path.

Jaime Camil and Adriana Louver star as agents of this company designated to act the role of Mauricio, the beloved architect grandson, and Isabel, his sweet, lovely wife. They must hurry, though, as the real grandchild is…¬due back home after 20 years in Spain, via an unexpected post. The noble grandfather Balboa relays all vitals to the illusionists for a seamless performance from the “couple’s” arrival to their last days but between the acting and improvising, the agents begin blossoming beyond the script.

With the blood grandson still on his way, grandmother Balboa is enchanted with Mauricio and Isabel’s presence. The agents own personal smiles increasing between them, and the illusions become beyond bare and truths start to give light.

Illusions, Inc. is part of the 23rd Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival’s Spotlight Films Showcase taking place in Fashion Valley, March 10-20.