The arts have powerful weapons to awaken our conscience and through camera lenses they can empower audiences to take a stand for justice. For its sixth annual Human Rights Watch Film Festival, MOPA is showcasing features fitting for the present world’s state. A defiant North Korean artist’s narrative of his defection south opens the fest while an FBI counterterrorism informant invites filmmakers to follow his covert efforts without advising his superiors. 18 animated cows are sought whose apparent milk production on a Palestine farm threaten Israel’s national security; true story. The Diplomat hails U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke as told by his son David where peace is key to ending wars. The Black Panthers will also take to the screen and show how radical change came to America. It is reels of real life struggles inside and beyond the U.S. borders and film is making a difference.

January 21st – 24th