It is astonishing how many people are affected by reproductive loss, and yet how difficult it can be to find support and help.


Jillian Early, a licensed therapist who specializes in women’s reproductive mental health at UCSD and in her private practice, says she hears stories of reproductive loss every day. Adding to the sadness of these events is the fact that, because so many of us don’t know how to talk about these kinds of losses, those who are hurting end up feeling alone. Jillian is taking steps to change that. She recently completed a continuing education course run by Life Perspectives, a nonprofit that offers training to equip leaders and healthcare professionals to become “safe places” for hurting people to open up and begin healing.

Jillian says, “Although I was educated as a clinician, Life Perspectives offered training and a unique approach which wasn’t covered in my coursework.” She shared with Giving Back Magazine that what really resonated with her is the fact that we all have an image of what our future will look like, but it almost never includes reproductive loss. “That’s one of the reasons many of us feel unequipped to help our patients, family members and friends to talk about and effectively deal with it.”

Jillian was attracted to Life Perspectives’ mission on a personal level as well. Although now a happy family of four, she and her husband had suffered two miscarriages along the way. Jillian says her training with Life Perspectives not only helped her to help others but has enabled her to move forward with her own story. “I realized that it’s good to revisit these things and that we all experience loss and healing in our own way.”

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