Protecting Children From Abuse.

For more than 46 years, Home Start’s team has fought to protect precious children from abuse. To effectively prevent and treat child abuse, they provide life-changing services such as parenting education, housing, employment case management and mental health services, with a focus on self-sufficiency and resiliency. In fact, over 22,000 low to moderate-income families and children benefit each year from Home Start’s programs!

Two of these innovative programs are the Maternity Shelter Program (MSP) for homeless young mothers and their children, and its accompanying “Repurpose for a Purpose,” Thrift Boutique. MSP provides safe, stable housing and wrap-around supportive services to give moms and kids the love and support needed to get back on their feet. The Boutique provides professional work experience to the moms in the MSP and is also a source of revenue to support Home Start’s sustainability efforts.

Stacey, Thrift Boutique Lead Associate, is living proof that our Maternity Shelter Program and its Thrift Boutique are changing lives. Exiting the foster system after 10 years, Stacey became homeless and pregnant, and thankfully found Home Start. “It was really important that they were here to help me be a better mom,” she shared with Giving Back Magazine. “I can’t imagine where I’d be without Home Start.” Her options were either get a job while pregnant and put her pregnancy at risk or stay homeless until she had her son which would ultimately put her son at risk at being placed in the foster system. Growing up in the foster system herself, that was never something she wanted her son to experience.

Through MSP, Stacey meets with a child development specialist, once or twice a month, which has helped her son continue learning through his most important first couple years of life. Stacey also meets with a Peer Counselor once a week which has positively shaped her health and resiliency.

Initially, Stacey was quiet and shy and only felt comfortable working in the back-donation room folding clothes. With gentle staff encouragement and guidance, she became an employee and continued adding responsibilities. She was even promoted from sales associate to lead sales associate and now uses her experience to help the other mothers working in the store. Through Home Start’s Boutique and Maternity Shelter Program, Stacey continues to transform into a confident young woman who is learning valuable tools to support herself and her adorable 2-year-old son.

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Do you have a heart for children? Do you have a vision for every child in San Diego to have a safe, stable and nurturing home? Become a partner with Home Start today to help strengthen families and protect children.