By Angelica Gavaldon

My favorite part of the year is here, full of holiday parties, families reunited and so much love going around. However, it is important to enjoy the season without sacrificing your health. So how exactly do we stay on track without giving up our favorite treats? Here are the tips that I use so I do not have to start from zero when January comes around:



I think the worst thing to do is deprive yourself from eating what you really want. The key is to be smart about the food choices you make and to really tune in to your body, listening to what it is you really are craving. DO NOT eat mindlessly and put everything in sight in your mouth. Instead, savor each bite and focus on other things, which brings me to my next tip.

Enjoy the Conversation-

Focus on the conversation and the atmosphere instead of the food and alcohol. Enjoy the social setting, dance, share stories, and help the host. You do not need to spend the whole evening eating.

Learn to Say “No thank you.”

Sometimes we are afraid to be rude and do not want to deny what is being offered to us, but if you are truly NOT hungry then just say, “I will try that later, thank you”.

Do Not Let One Bad Day or Meal Ruin Your Diet

I used to be the type of dieter that had an all or nothing attitude. If I happened to have a bite of cookie I would think I might as well eat the whole bag. If you happen to do this, you do not need to feel bad, just make sure to remain aware of what you are eating and get back on track.

Find time to exercise-

With kids being out of school and needing to keep them busy, make sure you do not make it an excuse to neglect your fitness routine. I change the times I work out to make sure my family is still my priority and sometimes that means waking up earlier. Plus, exercise helps you get rid of stress and gives you an energy boost.

Have the Glass of Wine-

If you like alcohol, make sure you drink moderately and stay safe. Alcohol has a lot of sugar and in one drink you consume a lot of calories. Try to have no more than 2 glasses.

Stress free holiday-

Do not over-schedule and try to fill up your day with too many activities. Embrace saying NO. Ask for help and make sure you are enjoying your family.

Following these guidelines can help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle through the holiday season so you will not only feel your best, but look your best too.