A Special Tradition for the Sycuan Team.

While Sycuan Casino makes it their mission to contribute to the community all year, there is no time like the holidays to give back and they place a special emphasis on making an impact during the holiday season. Despite their commitment to steady year-round giving, the team at Sycuan Casino understands that there is a greater need during this time of year. While this can be said for many local organizations, one of the most defining qualities of Sycuan’s philanthropic efforts is the diversity of organizations and communities that they choose to work with.

The holidays are a magical time for everyone but particularly for children. In that spirit, Sycuan’s team pulls together to run their annual Toy Drive from November 21st through December 11th. The Toy Drive benefits both the Law Enforcement Teddy Bear Drive – which receives the plush toy donations, and Toys for Tots – which receives all the other donated toys. To support the Toy Drive, please bring new, unwrapped toys with a minimum value of $8 to the special drop boxes at Sycuan Casino and will deliver all the collected toys to each organization on December 12th. In an effort to focus on positivity and their organizational values, they are specifically requesting that no toys simulating weapons or war related items be donated.

While much of the holiday giving is done through monetary gifts and in-kind donations, there are several events that require an all hands on deck effort. There are two events that require the special skills of Sycuan’s Food and Beverage Team. Mama’s Kitchen’s Pie in the Sky Event is an annual tradition that Sycuan has supported for the last seven years. The Pie in the Sky Event’s goal is to provide as many families as possible with meals by selling pies. For each $25 pie sold, they can fund seven meals for those in need. Sycuan’s role in the event starts in the bakery and in two days’ time, they work to bake over 800 pies for Mama’s Kitchen, which they then deliver directly to them. The second event that is supported primarily by the Food and Beverage Team is the MS Society’s annual holiday party where the Sycuan staff provides a full catering experience.

A particularly important event for the casino, the annual Gift Giving Ceremony, is a long held tradition for the Sycuan tribe and organization at which the managers, members, and Tribal Council bestow monetary gifts to over thirty local non-profit organizations. The ceremony results in over $70,000 being gifted within the span of an hour and captures the all-embracing generosity of the Tribal Council.

As a fundamental member of the San Diego community, it is especially important to the Tribe and those affiliated with the Casino that all their charitable efforts stay local. Over the last thirty-three years, Sycuan Casino has impacted tens of thousands of San Diegans for the greater good. Annually, the Casino touches the lives of over seven hundred organizations with focuses varying from veterans, children, animals to health research. This kind of grand giving is essential to the prosperity and betterment of the San Diego community as Sycuan Casino helps us make the region a better place Together.