Convivio is a non-profit organization that strives to celebrate all things Italian and helps the local Italian community to gather, learn, and grow. Heritage, education, and community are fundamental to their goals to preserve Italian culture, particularly in San Diego.

Heritage – A focus on the arts and versatile programs allow those involved to be exposed to and immersed in genuine Italian culture. Opportunities such as workshops, a donation-based language program and the Little Italy Heritage Museum which features historical artifacts, photographs and other significant contributions to Italian heritage allow attendees to learn about their history.

Education – Above and beyond their various programs, Convivio acts as a resource for students. The organization uses funding to provide scholarships for those seeking higher education as well as mentorships with community leaders who can inspire and guide them to success.

Community- Convivio fosters community through social events, opportunities for open dialogue, educational programs, as well as cultural events such as viewing of Italian films. Convivio strives to build up the community through support such as the Comunitas Award for Leadership which recognizes those who have made a significant impact. Through these kinds of experiences, the organization seeks to connect the local Italian community so that their heritage can thrive in present day.

Convivio is able to provide these resources and opportunities thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers. You can volunteer for the organization by lending time to help plan events, community outreach and more.