A San Diego Original.

If you believe in a company that gives back to the community, has a rich history of philanthropy, is family owned and is a San Diego original, than take a closer look at Henebery Spirits Inc. They have created an extremely palatable 90 proof Rye Whiskey that utilizes an innovative trade secret called a layered infusion process, all while maintaining impeccable core values and understanding the necessity to give back.

What is a Layered Infusion Process?
It takes a youthful Rye Whiskey and enhances it with all organic ingredients. The process utilizes a technical format of both flow metrics and layering of the organic ingredients at certain temperatures and alcohol levels.

The Henebery team pays very close attention to detail and really goes with the grain of Whiskey’s identity. They have exceeded their own expectations of extrapolating layers of sophisticated flavors found throughout the aging process; simultaneously, they have enhanced the color, the noise (smell), the mouth feel and the finish of the product.

Who is Matthew Henebery?
Matthew Henebery is the Great Great Grandfather of the founders of this delightful product. He escaped the Great Potato Famine in Ireland by migrating to America and found his home in Peoria, Illinois. In 1851 he opened his first distillery and dedicated his life to his family and creating fine spirits. He became one of the most philanthropic men of his generation and is still celebrated to this day in Peoria. Due to his extreme generosity the Latin term, “Dare Maxima Virtus” was placed on the Henebery family crest.

This ideology has become a determined mission from the Henebery team. In the eight months that they have been on the Market, they have partnered with over 10 San Diego charities and show no signs of slowing. Now Henebery is hosting their Inaugural Henebery Golf Classic tournament on September 22nd at the La Jolla Country Club to raise money for charity.