Volunteers of America Southwest.

The look on someone’s face when their life has been changed for the better is incredible. You know it when you see it, and we get to see that look every day.

Seven graduates of Volunteers of America Southwest’s Job Readiness Program stand before their instructor, Ms. Maxine Kibble, to accept their certificates of completion. These graduates come from all walks of life but share one heavy commonality: their experience with substance abuse. They come to Volunteers of America Southwest’s Renaissance Treatment Center suffering and vulnerable, seeking to leave with a greater vision of themselves.

Through our twelve-week Job Readiness program, graduates gain understanding of interpersonal skills, software technology, and behavioral psychology. Ultimately, the program provides clients
with the tools they need to enter the workplace confident and prepared for life. Job Readiness alumni often return to celebrate the newest graduates, sharing their success in finding careers and maintaining sobriety complete the program with a passion to give back.

And that makes us proud.

Our Job Readiness Program is only part of what we do at Renaissance Treatment Center. More
largely, our success stories remind us why we do what we do at Volunteers of America Southwest. Through our programs, we have the chance to touch lives and change futures, taking our clients from vulnerable to vibrant.

We hope you will join us in supporting individuals struggling with hardships to improve their quality of life. By supporting Volunteers of America Southwest’s expansive programs, you are allowing men and women to return to their families clean and sober, helping veterans with disabilities achieve self-reliance, caring for seniors and those struggling with mental health challenges, housing low-income families in need, and supporting children’s futures through education and social development.

Because, after all, the look of someone who now has a more vibrant future is something we should all enjoy daily.

To learn more about Volunteers of America Southwest, visit www.voasw.org.