I remember when I was a kid and Halloween came around, I was never that kid that was excited about wearing costumes. I did not understand the point of it, but I was excited for the candy. Some years, I ate so much that I would get sick with a tummy ache.

If you are one of those adults that likes to dress up and attend parties, you can make it fun but still stay healthy. Remember, healthy habits have to be practiced every day, not just a few weeks out of the year. Holidays are not an excuse to go all out with food and alcohol, but they are a great way to celebrate with people we love and create beautiful memories.

Here are my top healthy Halloween tips:


  1. Fill-up on Healthy Food

Make a good dinner before heading out for trick-or-treating. If your kids have a good, healthy meal before going out to ask for candy, they are less likely to be hungry and over-indulge. That is because cravings die down when you have multiple meals throughout the day.


  1. Visit More Houses

Make a rule that they can only ask for one treat at each house. That way, you are getting them to walk more and spend more time enjoying themselves without filling their bag with tons of sugar at every doorstep.


  1. Walk

Make sure you are not one of those families that drives to houses. Park your car further away from a popular street in your neighborhood and make sure you walk a lot. My son loves when I tell him stories while we walk. When you engage with your kids, they will not even realize they are exercising.


  1. Lead by Example

In my neighborhood, there are houses offering wine, pizza, and other amazing food as treats for adults. Make sure you lead by example and eat everything in moderation. No good comes from telling your kids to do one thing, while you are stuffing your face indulging at every stop.

Halloween is the perfect time to start setting the tone for eating healthy for the rest of the holiday season!