By Angelica Gavaldon.

As a former professional tennis player, I have been around the best trainers, coaches, mental health professionals and nutritionists in the world. Now, I am a mom committed to leading a healthier life to be the best version of me for myself and my son.

Whatever your goal is, I hope you will find inspiration in my columns. I have seen so much and have so much information I want to share and hopefully you will find something that grabs you and takes you on a healthier version this year.

To a blessed, beautiful and healthy New Year,

Angelica Gavaldon

Ten tips to start off the year:

1. Don’t overdo it

Take it easy. If you pressure yourself trying to eat 100% clean, you’ll break your diet a few days into it. Instead trying to make healthier choices.

2. Do exercise

I recommend walking ten minutes daily, your body will thank you and your mood will improve.

3. Eat your veggies

I recommend greens daily. Drink them or eat them. I personally drink a cleanse juice.

4. Eat your carbs

I cannot say this enough. I do not believe in strict dieting and cutting out all bread and pasta from your life. Instead try and work on portion control. Eat a little of it. It will take discipline.

5. Exercise your will power

Willpower is like a muscle. The more it is trained, the stronger it becomes. Listen to your body, do you really need it? Distract yourself instead. If you can’t stop thinking about that cookie an hour later, then just eat it.

6. Incorporate weight training

Incorporating weights into my routine made me feel better, slimmer, stronger, and my hormonal levels improved drastically. Ladies, go pump some iron!

7. Sleep

Your body will not rest the same if you go to bed at midnight than if you go to bed by 10pm. Sleeping prevents cravings during the day.

8. Hydrate

Sometimes, I don’t feel like drinking water. But this helps: drink two glasses of water in the morning.

9. Don’t compare yourself to anyone

I focused on what I could do and my own strengths. Same goes with our bodies, diets and lifestyle. Focus on healthy eating, not on the latest fad diet.

10. Think positive thoughts and surround yourself with good people

If you want a positive life, cut out people from your life that are toxic.