I am Linda Waisbord and I am a fashion and style fanatic! As a young girl, I wouldn’t leave the house until my outfit and hair were perfect! My family and I laugh about it now because I guess I was just born like this. I’ve always been fascinated by clothes and I have learned that experimenting is the best way to discover what makes you feel your best.

Now that I’m older and “wais-er,” I realize that true style comes from courage and attitude.

I’m a regular woman with a regular body and all the imperfections that come along with that, but that’s ok! Fashion is art, emotion and self-expression! It is saying something without having to speak. It conveys a message about who you are and how you feel at any moment in time.

My joy every day comes from getting dressed and inspiring women to have the confidence to give fashion a try.

Throughout my career as a Personal Stylist for Nordstrom, I learned that most women limit themselves to what they can wear based on false perceptions of their bodies, making it very difficult for them to try different silhouettes, proportions and fits. I am constantly trying different things, sometimes getting it right and sometimes getting it wrong, but ultimately always learning and growing into the best version of myself, because fashion and personal style is constant experimentation and evolvement.

I have always imagined myself being able to reach a wide audience of women through fashion and style so I’m beyond excited to be joining the Giving Back Magazine team where I will be able to share fashion tips, style inspiration, trend reports and articles to inspire and empower women of all ages and sizes to enjoy fashion.

So, let’s go on this journey together and let me inspire you to try! My goal is for women to look at me and say: “You know what? If she can do it, so can I.” Have the courage to try, step out of your comfort-zone and let me help you along the way!

Linda Waisbord