Salk’s #1 Ranked Plant Biology Team.

In November 2017, Salk’s #1 Ranked Plant Biology team in the world, together with Robert Redford and his wife, Sibylle Szaggers, launched a bold scientific endeavor, Harnessing Plants to Fight Climate Change. The initiative uses the power of plants to forestall and mitigate the inevitable ecological, economic and social calamities brought about by global climate change.

Led by Joanne Chory, 2018 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences recipient, the team is working to exploit natural variations and create plants that can sink CO2 deep within their root systems for hundreds of years while providing food and being more resilient to harsh climates. CO2 is the main contributor to the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet, destroying our croplands and threatening our civilization. Plants represent a natural solution to keep it out of the atmosphere. Plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana, a small flowering plant that is widely used as a model organism in plant biology offers important advantages for basic research in genetics and molecular biology and is sequenced extensively as Salk.

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