The Center

Hannah’s Family Center envisions a world where strong families enable children to thrive and communities to prosper. Since 1988, we have helped San Diego families navigate significant adverse changes, trauma and loss. As experts in co-parenting, Hannah’s Family Center knows that early intervention is the key to preserving the family;

and that caring adults co-parent all children with love in their hearts. Today we serve all families who find themselves vulnerable or in crisis when the unexpected occurs. Hannah’s Family Center unites with each family we serve to enhance strengths, heal traumas, and rebuild family bonds in a new positive way.

Our Namesake

Hannah is the namesake of our organization and the continued inspiration for our work. She reminds all of us, every day, of the importance of a safe and secure routine for the children of divorce and separation. And she inspires us to protect children from the trauma she suffered.

Hannah was two years and four months old when her father abducted her. She was gone for almost exactly four years. During that time Hannah’s mother and two sisters struggled with fear, depression and despair. They tried to cope with the alternating hope that Hannah would be found and the grief that she was lost to them forever.

Hannah had to go through dramatic changes when she was abducted, on the run with her father for four years, and again when she was finally found. Everything about her life kept changing, with no warning, and she had no say in it and no control over it.

Upon her return to her mother’s home, Hannah showed a remarkable resilience as she struggled to accept and understand what was happening, and what had happened, to her. And she did so with the loving support of her mother and sisters, as well as a supportive relationship with a psychologist who worked with Hannah as she worked to adjust to her new life.

The Team

Since 1988, when we first began helping families amid separation and divorce litigation, clients frequently said, “I wish we had found this Center sooner.” The reason? Our amazing team! Hannah’s Family Center highly trained professional staff have almost 33 years of experience providing comprehensive services designed to help families in crisis safely navigate the transitions of parental separation, divorce, substance use, and domestic violence. Our Team is united today in serving even more of our community families who find themselves vulnerable or in crisis when the unexpected occurs.