gtk-gbk-laserUnprecedented innovation in laser technology

Over 45 million Americans have tattoos and one in every five want them removed. The office of Goldman Butterwick Fitzpatrick Groff & Fabi, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, are proud to announce they are the first on the west coast, and one of the first in the world, to offer the new PicoSure™ laser for tattoo and pigmented lesion removal.

PicoSure is the first safe and effective laser that uses picosecond technology. Ultra-short pulse bursts of energy delivered to the skin in just trillionths of a second. The picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than the nanosecond technology used with traditional tattoo removal systems. Clinical studies show that PicoSure is able to treat darker, multi-colored and complex tattoos more efficiently and with much less pain. Other lasers often require 10 to 20 treatments spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart while PicoSure treatments can be performed every four weeks, and tattoos are often cleared in about four treatments.

Studies showed that picosecond technology more effectively targets blue and green pigment, which is typically difficult to remove. It rapidly lightens other colors, with improved recovery time and shatters the target ink into tiny particles.

The passion of Goldman Butterwick Fitzpatrick Groff & Fabi is to unveil the most beautiful, youthful and radiant you.