Maria Elvia and Jorge Hank.

Seven years ago, we visited with this gorgeous couple in Tijuana as they opened up about their love for each other, family and Tijuana.

One of the most beautiful people to have graced the cover of our magazine was Maria Elvia Hank, wife of the former Mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rhon. The two of them appeared in our April 2008 issue as they shared stories of their lives.

A mother of nine children and dedicated to giving back to her community, Elvia was always ready to lend a hand to those in need. Sadly, Elvia passed away in 2012.

Jorge Hank was focused on education in Tijuana and was always helping students to make Tijuana a better city. Jorge shared with us: “When you have the desire to help, you can do it financially, with your time or with your contacts, the only thing you must do is make the effort. The eagerness and desire to help must come from within, but if it is in you, there are many organizations and societies that exist where you can contribute- the only thing you have to do is give it your all.”

Wise words that we at Giving Back Magazine hope will be continue to be an example for all.