By Angelica Gavaldon.

My career as a professional tennis player took me around the world’s courts and had me practicing and competing since the age of eight –all under the sun without sunblock. I came to the realization later in life of protecting my face and skin but the damage had already been done to my neck and chest.

Recently, I visited Dr. Carlos Chacon’s Spa Divino in Bonita for a relaxing facial treatment and was encouraged by my experience. Kim Flores, their staff aesthetician consulted on my skin’s history: from sunspots to serums, layers to cleansers and everything in between, it was like talking to my skin godmother!

She started with a suave exfoliation using a revitalizing and regenerating seaweed and peppermint scrub; she gently buffed dead skin off my face while it awakened the surface’s collagen. As Kim worked her magic, she explained that our skin regenerates dramatically less after age 35. So, we each have to do our regimen to keep it looking young and healthy.

“It is genetics. We see how our parents’ skin ages, the sun and diets also play a part in maintaining our own,” Flores tells Giving Back Magazine. To remedy my chest and neck’s damaged skin, Kim used Obagi Radiance Blue Peel, considered the gold standard for tightening skin and removing discoloration. After the peel, Kim rubbed a serum on my face, neck and chest to help stimulate proper change in my skin’s pigmentation. Lastly, a non-greasy, matte zinc based sunblock was dabbed and spread on the areas treated.

Since the sun had done a number on my neck and chest from all the tennis workouts and games, I felt an area of my neck needed to be tighter. Dr. Chacon’s sincerity and reputation came to light immediately during a post-consultation. “Let’s avoid incisions that are not needed,” he said, “in your case, very little Botox should do the trick.” I almost fell off the chair, I was so excited; no surgery!

I walked out with a lighter load looking and feeling 20 years younger. I had a fantastic facial and came out with new information thanks to Spa Divino and Dr. Chacon’s knowledgeable and versed staff – I was ready to take on the day, and the sun!