GTK Gving Back 2012 Recap

To A Prosperous New Year!

With the end of this year upon us, it is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to a New Year. Giving Back Magazine had a busy year with many accomplishments and 2013 looks to be even better. In 2012, we celebrated our Fifth Year Anniversary and Mayor Jerry Sanders proclaimed November 1 Giving Back Magazine Day.

We again visited our Nation’s Capitol for Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations in September. We were able to travel to many destinations from Las Vegas, to the Caribbean, to Malaysia to bring the stories to you. We partnered with and supported many galas, philanthropic events and hosted our Fourth Annual Polo Tournament, all to raise money for local charities and arts organizations. Our dedicated team has continued to grow and allow us to expand our publication and our advertisers continue to be the most prestigious brands and organizations in the country. Giving Back Magazine is proud to partner with our community and we look forward to sharing these stories with you, our reader, in the coming year. We hope that you will continue to include us in your lives as we all make the world a better place by Giving Back.