gtk-Giving-Back-Magazine5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

Five years ago, Danitza and her then boyfriend Esteban had a vision: to create a magazine that shared the positive things of our Binational region, sharing the stories on both sides of the border. Over the years, the magazine has grown in size and importance: the people photographed, articles written and events attended. Many changes occurred; we celebrated the best of times at birthdays, galas and shed a tear for those we lost- we have celebrated weddings along the way, most notably that of Publishers Danitza and Esteban Villanueva.

Those that partnered with the magazine over the years and shared their businesses, events and services with our readers grew in name and reputation, and now, Giving Back Magazine is the only local, family-owned publication to have local, regional, national and international advertisers on its pages. Our loyal readers have grown in number over the years both in print and online.

Not only is the magazine the revered leader for philanthropy, arts and non-profit organizations, but with strong commitment to business, education and commerce, it has gained respect with leaders on both sides of the border. The magazine has taken us into people’s homes and around the world. We have taken over 150,000 photographs from the glamorous, to the serious to the absolutely heartwarming. Through our own signature events, donations and sponsorships, we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities in San Diego and Tijuana.

We started as a team of two and now count on sixteen talented, dedicated and hardworking individuals that put their heart and soul into the magazine every month. As our publishing company has grown, we have launched new projects including A Pet’s Life Magazine coming out later this year as well as, online now. Danitza and Esteban, along with their team, are proud of Giving Back Magazine and all that we have accomplished in five years, we are looking forward to all that we will accomplish in the next five years, and beyond; we invite you to join us on our journey.

Danitza and Esteban Villanueva