A little over 10 years ago, Give Clean Water was born in Fiji with a goal of providing clean water to an entire nation, while at the same time developing best practices for sustainability, data monitoring and evaluation. 10 years later, Give Clean Water is leading the way around the world in the “Give Clean Water Way” of training, teaching, follow up and collecting data.

An independent research team has analyzed the before and after data that they collect during each installation and subsequent follow up visit. The data collected tracks work and school days recaptured, diarrhea reduction and purchased water and medical savings. The results are incredible. Did you know that between purchased water and medical savings, and work days recaptured by adults, Give Clean Water save an average Fijian family over $600.00 per year when they receive a water filter. That is life changing!

When they started the clean water mission in Fiji, more than half of the population drank contaminated water. 10 years later, they have helped to cut that number in half. Currently they are working hard to build teams and partnerships that will allow them to expand their impact and reach the goal of providing clean water for all of Fiji!

In 2018, the organization provided 12 schools and 741 families with clean water. That is 7198 more people with clean drinking water. They also formed and trained 11 new partner organizations that are joining in the effort. These teams include churches, Rotary Clubs, Boy Scouts, Sea Mercy, Vinaka Fiji and local Fiji businesses. This year they began installing filters in the entire Mamanuca and Yasawas outer island chain of nearly 2,000 households. On Taveuni, the 3rd largest Island in Fiji, they trained four new partners who will begin installing clean water filters in their villages this month. They have also partnered with the Fiji Ministry of Health to provide clean water filters to villages that have been affected by Typhoid outbreaks. It is through partnerships like these that will allow them to bring the rest of Fiji clean drinking water.

2018 was a historic year where Give Clean Water branched out into new countries beyond Fiji. They are partnering with the non-profit “KIO” in the Marshall Islands in order to bring clean water to all of their outer islands, as well as their new partner that is bringing clean water to one of the largest tribes in Papua New Guinea.

Give Clean Water invites individuals and other organizations and non-profits to join them and tackle the critical issue of clean drinking water around the world. Together we can change the world one person, one school, one community and one clean water filter at a time.

The future of Give Clean Water has never looked brighter! Join as we impact lives around the world.