Dr. Bek

Chiropractor, Rider, & Philanthropist

Dr. Bek Jarzombek, DC has spent her life growing her passion for horses into what is now a flourishing career that is not only rewarding to her, but helps countless animals and individuals every year. In addition to her very successful career as a Doctor of Chiropractic with her mobile concierge practice, Giddy Up Chiropractic, as well as her 501c3 non-profit, Giddy Up Time, Dr. Bek is also adding educator to her list of accomplishments. Recently honored by the California Chiropractic Association as the Outstanding New DC, it is no surprise that they also shined a spotlight on Dr. Bek.

Not only does Dr. Bek enjoy her work but she is determined to provide much-needed care that genuinely serves her clients’ best interests. Her mission is to address the need for legitimate chiropractic treatment that improves the health and wellness of both horses and riders. However, she does work with other animals as well. With her mobile practice, she is able to provide these services all over the county. This determined and ethical attitude also translates into her goals in her upcoming role as an educator. She hopes that as an instructor, she is able to inspire and guide future doctors so that they can provide the same level of care to their patients. Dr. Bek understands how crucial quality chiropractic care is, but she is also aware that it may not be accessible to certain individuals. As such, she has established Giddy Up Time a non-profit that serves as a resource, providing discounted services for riders who are in genuine financial need. Through Giddy Up Time, she has also collaborated with other local philanthropic, animal-centric organizations such as Thrive Animal Rescue and ResQue Ranch. Another one of her goals for 2019 is to receive funding from outside sources, such as grants and donations to fund 100 percent of Giddy Up Time. This would allow for completely complimentary care for patients in need. Those who help fund this cause will also receive tax deductions. Dr. Bek describes this goal to Giving Back Magazine as a win-win for everyone. While she remains busy professionally, Dr. Bek also makes time to enjoy her other passions including being an equestrian jumper rider which helps her further develop her skills. It also allows her to spend invaluable quality time with her own horse.

Dr. Bek has many goals, professionally and personally, for the year and has set her mind to accomplish them. With such a successful career thus far, we asked her to share some advice, “I truly believe success begins as a mindset. What you think about, you bring about. Even being good at a physical skill. There is a psychology to all great athletes. The same goes for entrepreneurs. The same goes for health providers. The pillars of my successful mindset have evolved into: Faith, fun, and God. I wake up every day expecting miracles to happen. No matter what, giddy up and keep moving forward.”