Get Some Sleep!

Get some rest

We all know how important sleeping is; mainly that it is crucial to our health and well-being. When we get quality sleep, we feel better, are more productive during the day, have more energy, and are in a good mood. Studies have linked getting sufficient sleep to living a longer, healthier life. So, how do you improve your quality of sleep? Here is my list of “Dos” for getting better sleep:

Do Not Eat Late

When you eat right before bedtime, your body has to work hard to digest and metabolize the food. It is best to eat at least two hours before going to bed, that way your body has enough time to process what you fed it, and once you fall asleep, your body can rest much better.

Do Eat a Light Dinner

Heavy foods sit longer in our stomach, making it harder to fall asleep. Try eating a lighter meal, preferably a small portion of protein with vegetables. If you want dessert, try eating some berries or a small scoop of frozen yogurt.

Do Not Drink Caffeine after 3 pm

I can drink ten espressos and it does not affect my sleep. But for most people, it really affects their sleep cycle. People tend to think that caffeine at night is what keeps you awake, but actually, drinking it any time after 3 pm can affect how you sleep.
It takes 30 to 60 minutes for caffeine to hit the peak levels and six hours for caffeine to exit your body. If you consume more than 250mg of caffeine per day, you are actually ingesting more than your body can excrete, which can lead to insomnia. This is because your central nervous system is so activated, that it is producing adrenaline, the hormone that keeps you awake.

Do Turn Off Electronics

The light that comes from your phone or TV hampers the production of melatonin, which is the sleep-inducing hormone. When you are watching TV, looking at social media, engaged in work, or answering emails, your brain is activated. This is the total opposite of what you want it to do when you are trying to get good sleep.

Do Make Sure to Exercise

When you exercise, it helps your body rest better at night. Walking, running, cycling, and all cardio activities help you sleep deeper and better throughout the night. In general, people who do not exercise have trouble falling asleep and are more restless at night.
Hopefully these tips will help you get better, more regular rest, so you can feel your best.

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Esteban Villanueva