The Baraquiel D. Fimbres Foundation.

For over forty years, the Baraquiel D. Fimbres Foundation has been making a difference for senior citizens in Tijuana. The non-profit assists defenseless and vulnerable seniors by offering a free home for those that have nowhere else to go. Over the years, the residency has grown in number, housing more and more seniors as time goes by. In 1968, María Rubio de Sandoval, alongside the Baraquiel D. Fimbres Foundation built Casa Hogar for Seniors. In Tijuana, many seniors are living on the streets and have no family, friends or other assistance. The Baraquiel D. Fimbres Foundation offers them a home to live a dignified life, filled with spirituality, positivity and well-being by providing programs and resources as well as health care.

The community of Tijuana has helped sustain this non-profit through various fundraisers such as a Golf Tournament, 5K Walk/Run, a gala and more. They invite you to get to know them and how you can join in helping these seniors remain in a loving and fulfilling assisted living home.