Serving the community collaboratively.

The term full spectrum has its origins in military history – and indeed, a veteran at one of Volunteers of America Southwest’s (VOASW) programs once said that he sees them as a “full-spectrum provider”. What did he mean by that?
Where other nonprofits might limit themselves to healthcare or education, VOASW strives to offer a full spectrum of programs – education, behavioral health, housing, and veterans’ services – to more than 8,000 children, adults, and families annually through over 20 programs and services in San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside and Imperial Counties.

Transforming vulnerable lives into vibrant ones entails challenges, and doing so across such diverse or distant communities requires an exceptional level of collaboration. No matter who is involved – staff, donors, sponsors, or volunteers – their goal is to ensure everyone feels that they are working in concert to make the most difference in their communities.

By coordinating the talents and gifts of over 300 staff, 400 volunteers, individual or corporate supporters, and community or business partners, VOASW is able to serve the vulnerable in communities across southwest California. Volunteers of America Southwest, with the efforts of its partners, helps homeless veterans with disabilities, assists adults with addiction in their recovery, cares for seniors and those suffering from mental health challenges, and serves children with exceptional needs in their education and social development. With a team made up of exceptional leadership, program managers, teachers, case managers, technicians, and facility maintenance crew, Volunteers of America Southwest is able to offer a full spectrum of care to the vulnerable individuals in our community.

Full spectrum does not just include the programs and services they offer, but also the individuals, partners, and donors who make all this possible. It is their collective gifts of time, talent, and treasure that ensure exceptional care for every person who steps foot through their doors. It is with the efforts of inclusive and well-rounded supporters that they can reach from San Diego to the Inland Empire, and serve disadvantaged children with the same amount of care as they would serve a disabled veteran.

Ultimately, Volunteers of America Southwest chooses to go the extra mile every day- with leadership setting the bar – no matter where their programs operate, they prioritize human care and interaction as the basis for community success. Whether CEO, Gerald McFadden, is attending a playground christening in San Bernardino, or an auxiliary is working to better an addiction recovery aftercare, VOASW believes the best way to transform lives and make life changing impact is to be present in the communities they serve with our community partners.

The challenges facing a full-spectrum provider are formidable, but they are proud to set the bar for what full-spectrum looks like. It is by working together that Volunteers of America Southwest is able to transform vulnerable lives into vibrant lives.