San Diego Humane Society.

In early December, San Diego Humane Society’s Special Response Team rescued 78 dogs from a very sad hoarding situation in El Cajon. The team discovered these dogs living in horribly unsanitary conditions with dirt and feces piled up around them inside the house. Worse, most of the dogs had never been outside.

San Diego Humane Society provided quick response to this devastating situation with onsite medical examinations and then transported the dogs for further medical care at its San Diego Campus. Fortunately, the dogs were fairly well nourished, although many were covered with fleas and suffered from severe skin conditions with inflamed and raw skin and open lesions. Surprisingly, the owner of these dogs seemed grateful for help; it was clear he cared about the animals but he could not keep up with their care.

“We see this type of situation often when well-intentioned animal lovers become overwhelmed with the immense number of animals in their home – 78 animals is certainly an intense number,” Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO of San Diego Humane Society tells Giving Back Magazine.

“Our goal at San Diego Humane Society is to end animal suffering, and we are committed to helping all animals within our reach. Protecting animals is our mission and our Humane Officers are sworn in under oath in California to protect animals from cruelty and neglect. We never hesitate – these animals all deserve a second chance! The well-being of these dogs is at the top of our priorities. After acclimating to their new environment, we will address each of their individual needs and get them into loving homes as soon as possible.”

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