gtk-fit-momsAs a mom, it is important to take care of ourselves by exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. We have our kids and families to take care of, our jobs, and daily routines. Staying fit is a healthy way to release stress and allows us to be productive in other facets of our lives and to be role models for our children.

Here are a few examples of a day in a fit mom’s life. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me:


Children: Maya (9) and Sinaia (11)

Occupation: Real Estate Broker

Workout routine: I try to work out every day, cardio and spin class. Three times a week I do weight training.

Diet plan: For breakfast, I have a protein shake, even if I am meeting somebody for breakfast. I find this strategy keeps me from over eating. My lunch consists of a turkey sandwich or chicken salad. For dinner, I have what I cook for my children. I always include protein, vegetables, grains, and you cannot forget dessert. For the most part, I eat pretty healthy if it wasn’t for my sweet tooth- I have desserts every day. I think you should enjoy life to the fullest. Everybody is different.


Children: Martin (29) and Valentina (9)

Occupation: Founder and President of Fundación Belleza sin Fronteras, an organization supporting various social causes.

Workout routine: I go to the gym five times per week. I like working out in the morning because it is when I have the most energy. My personal trainer designed my routine. I do 20 minutes of cardio three times a week before work and target a different body part each day. I always end with 200 to 250 crunches.

Diet plan: I firmly believe that in order to maintain an athletic, healthy body it is 80% what you eat and it does not matter how many hours you spend at the gym if you do not have a healthy diet, you will never see results. I eat 5 times a day, three full meals and two snacks. When I wake up, I drink a detox juice made of oranges, celery, beets, grapes and carrots. After exercising, I have a protein shake without carbohydrates and oatmeal made with water. The rest of my meals are high in protein, fish, chicken and once a month I eat red meat. I drink two liters of water a day. I eliminated dairy, carbohydrates, and sugar from my diet.

Indulging: I try to give myself a break once a week. I let myself eat anything I like such as Mexican food, pasta or dark chocolate.


Children: Luisa Fernanda (11) and Angélica Carolina (8)

Occupation: Entrepreneur and charity work.
After three years of intense charity in Tijuana through the government, this year I followed my passions which are whole foods and eco-friendly environment. I started a business in Tijuana that was truly needed, a deli and market named “Licha Mercado Orgánico y Regional”.

Workout routine: 2 days of personal training and 2 days of treadmill and weekend hobbies such as tennis and hiking with my husband and girls.

Diet plan: I try to eat mostly home cooked meals as well as organic and gluten free. In our real world, it is a challenge but it does not mean you cannot try.

Breakfast: If I am working out, I prepare a protein shake an hour before exercising and eggs after exercising. Other mornings I have warm water with lemon and fresh green juice to which I add Maca supplement. My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with nopales, chopped tomato and avocado chile sauce.

Indulging: wine and dessert.