March 2015.

I have always admired couples that have strong marriages. Studies continually show that couples who have many similarities and enjoy doing activities together share a strong bond. I think it is important to spend time with the people you love and what better way than working out together, where each can motivate one another to stay fit and healthy.

I recently interviewed two couples that I have always admired and respected profoundly. To this day, you can tell they are still enamored with one another; it is almost magical to see. They love staying fit and working out together and they understand the importance of being healthy every day without going to extremes. They are a great example for other young couples that are aspiring to have a solid marriage one day. Here they share with us how they motivate each other on a daily basis.

Kurt and Tati Honold:

Kurt’s workout routine: hits the gym at 6:30 am Monday through Friday and does cardio followed by weights. Saturday and Sunday he works out with Tati at the gym and spends time doing outdoor activities.

Kurt’s diet: Eats a healthy diet during the week and is a bit more lenient during the weekends. His trick is that he utilizes portion control and incorporates a lot of fruits and vegetables in every meal.

Tati’s workout routine: attends a class called RESET three times a week. It is a combination of dance cardio and calisthenics that works different muscle groups. Tuesday and Thursdays, she joins Kurt at the gym and does cardio along with weight training.

Tati’s diet: Cooks very healthy all week and makes healthy choices when eating out. Her tip, “once you learn how to eat healthy, eating out becomes easier because you learn to make the right choices”.

Secret to their marriage: “Sharing everything with your favorite person in the world makes everything better. The three key ingredients to a successful marriage are respect, admiration and friendship”

Hector and Marcela Troncoso:

Marcela’s workout routine: although she did not grow up in a family that exercised or that thought it was important, working out became a huge part of her life when she married Hector. She says, “Hector keeps me motivated, he is the most disciplined person I know!” Now she works out Monday through Friday at least one hour every day. She does cross training, hot yoga, boot camp and enjoys running. However, she does like to take off two days a week to recover her muscles.

Marcela’s diet: Eats the healthiest possible during the week, opting for organic, whole foods and controls her meal size portions. Avoids anything containing gluten or dairy.
Hector’s workout routine: 7 days a week likes mountain cycling, moto cross, weight training and yoga. He especially likes to train at a high intensity! Enjoys the rush and feels that you get a better workout in less time.

Hector’s diet: Green juice for breakfast before hitting the gym. After morning workout comes back and eats eggs and whole grain toast or oatmeal with chia seeds.
Lunch is usually a salad with some type of tree nuts. Afternoon meal includes fish, quinoa or some type of delicious vegan meal cooked by his wife, Marcela! Around 5 pm he eats a small shake or an almond bar, he says its works to fight off hunger in between meals. Finally, for dinner, he has sushi, salad and a glass of wine.

Secret to their marriage: “A family that works out together stays together”. They also mentioned that communication and respect are key, as well as a little alone time.