Binational Event Will Build Friendships and Explore Connections Around the Pacific Rim.

Covering approximately 59 million square miles and containing more than half of the free water on Earth, the Pacific Ocean is by far the largest of the world’s ocean basins. Bounded by – and interspersed with – hundreds of vibrant mainland and island cultures, and the home to nature’s countless yet still threatened wildlife and other marvels, “the peaceful ocean” holds limitless possibilities as a means to bring its peoples together via communal purpose and beauty, rather than the separation and isolation so common in the past.

Recognizing this, Festival Pacific is a multi-national gathering in San Diego and Baja California to encourage understanding and explore opportunities around the Pacific Rim. From November 1 – 4, 2015, thought leaders from Pacific Rim nations will experience the energy and vitality of the San Diego-Tijuana region and explore the many ways the Pacific Ocean connects us through dialogue and cultural exchanges around the arts, environment, business and friendship.

The Ilan-Lael Foundation and the Pacific Rim Park organizations, two art-education non-profit organizations founded by renowned San Diego artist, environmental designer, and community arts activist James T. Hubbell, host the public event.

Hubbell is best known for his sculptural living environments and public parks built with found-on-site materials and other sustainable methods that honor the spirit and demands of nature. Since building his home and art studio in 1958 in the mountains of east San Diego, he has shared an inspiring vision of the spirit of nature made tangible in art glass and mosaic, carved wood, forged metal, swooping concrete forms and stonework. This iconic, hand-built complex, known as Ilan-Lael (“A Tree That Belongs To God”), exemplifies the limitless bounds of his imagination and has become an international landmark toured by thousands.

The Pacific Rim Park (PRP) peace project has completed a necklace of seven parks around the Pacific, all built by local art and architecture students under the guidance of leading architects, artists and urban planners who collectively transcend their linguistic and cultural differences through the process of artistic collaboration and hands-on construction. This “string of pearls” encircles and connects China, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, Mexico and the United States with public spaces of beauty and purpose.

Festival Pacific welcomes representatives from these seven host countries, as well as future host countries such as Chile, Costa Rica and Japan. Festival participants will represent industry and business, academics, government, arts and culture and students.

Festival highlights include a community art project, site visits to “Pearl of the Pacific Park” on Shelter Island, and keynote speeches by former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Kathleen Stephens, and internationally acclaimed marine biologist and ocean advocate, Sylvia Earle. Festival guests will also have the rare opportunity to take part in an exclusive luncheon at Ilan-Lael and experience an immersive tour of Tijuana and Tecate, which includes a stop at PRP “Entre Corazón y Mar” (“Between the Heart and Sea”), as well as Kuchumaa Passage, a site-specific artwork on the property of Rancho La Puerta in Tecate beneath a sacred mountain.

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