Solutions for San Diego.

2017 has been an especially important year for Father Joe’s Villages. Under the leadership of President & CEO, Deacon Jim Vargas and Board Chairs Ed Witt and Joe Ergastolo, Father Joe’s Villages staff, volunteers and donors have worked together to enact effective solutions to homelessness in San Diego.

In March, Father Joe’s Villages announced its Turning the Key initiative. This plan will add 2,000 units of affordable and permanent supportive housing to San Diego over the next 5 years. The plan is designed to specifically provide housing for people experiencing homelessness. With 600 units in the pipeline for development, the initiative is well underway.

Then, in May, the agency released “Shine,” an innovative animated short film intended to shift public perceptions of homelessness and inspire community action. In October, Shine screened at the San Diego International Film Festival to excellent reviews. You can meet Nicoal, the film’s main character, by visiting

Meanwhile, Father Joe’s Villages staff worked diligently to expand the reach of their programs and provide the high-quality services they are known for, especially in response to the hepatitis A outbreak.

During the first week of the public health crisis, the Village Family Health Center acted immediately to educate the community about hep A, provided health services to those who contracted the infection and administered vaccines to support prevention. Staff throughout the agency provided public education on how to contain the outbreak.

In 2017, Father Joe’s Villages also implemented new housing programs to move more individuals and families off the streets. Additionally, their Employment and Education Center initiated a plan to expand sector-based employment training to help more neighbors find their inner potential and secure a lasting career.

These changes are motivated by the agency’s mission: ending homelessness in San Diego, one life at a time. However, as they work to address the worsening homelessness crisis, they depend on the public to step forward and support them.

The organization relies on the support of donors and volunteers to make their programs a reality. While they receive about 33% of their funding from government sources, contributions from individual donors fund the largest part of their annual budget.

“We depend on our monthly givers, year-end givers and planned givers to support us as we continue to fight San Diego’s homelessness crisis. Any gift, big or small, can help a family or individual overcome homelessness,” Deacon Jim Vargas shared with Giving Back Magazine.

To donate cash, stocks, cars, clothing or other goods, visit or call 1-800-HOMLESS. Your year-end donation makes it possible for Father Joe’s Villages to continue its mission to end homelessness, one life at a time. Donate today.