Our Promise to Transition Age Foster Youth.

Connections and Community. That’s at the heart of Just in Time’s mission to create lasting change in the lives of the young people we serve.

Over fourteen years ago, JIT began to demonstrate that the odds for transition age foster youth could be changed and negative outcomes reversed through the power of a caring community. We knew the challenges they faced without family support were almost impossibly daunting in an increasingly complex world without the critical resources and essential relationships that create the foundation of success.

Coming out of a System often left them feeling Unsure, Unprepared and Disconnected. We invited them to join a Community of volunteers and peers to help them become Confident, Capable and Connected.

That’s why we continue to innovate and evolve to achieve our vision of creating a “forever family” for young people leaving the system. Not only “Just in Time” but Always There for the 700 young men and women who thrive once they have a “Family on Purpose.”

In 2017, hundreds of JIT volunteers found shared meaning through the power of Connections and Community. In the process, San Diego helped fulfil our shared promise to change the world…one youth at a time.

Join the Just in Time Community and help Change the World, one Youth at at Time!