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Eunime and It Is For The Children, are two Binational, non-profit organizations that support children, woman and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS in Baja California, both founded by President Rosalva Martha-Patten in memoriam of her son Noel Vázquez.

The mission of Eunime is to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child and provide social support to improve the quality of life in adolescent children infected with HIV / AIDS and their families.

The center works with a group of volunteers that are dedicated to the cause. Thanks to the support and donations from individuals and institutions in The United States and the annual events on both sides of the border, they are able to offer support groups, educational workshops on HIV and mental health, medicine and lab exams. Throughout the year, they celebrate Children’s Day, Halloween and Holiday Parties that are important in the lives of children. They help the kids forget about their condition and offer happy moments filled with love and family because their own families reject them because of their health condition.

“Much discrimination still exists today because of the lack of information,” President Rosalva Martha-Patten tells Giving Back Magazine.

They currently have a unit inside the General Hospital of Tijuana and collaborate with The UCSD Mother-Child-Adolescent Binational HIV Program.

On October 20, join Eunime Inc for a flamenco dinner show at the Prado in Balboa Park and help make a difference.

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