Esteban San Roman is from Tijuana, Mexico from a family that is deeply rooted in the culinary arts. His father, Manuel San Roman along with his uncle Martin San Roman started two well known restaurants in Tijuana; El Tour de France and El Rincon San Roman.

Esteban is a former student of mine. He is an amazing example of how important it is to make the important decision of leading a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Even though he trained many hours a day, he could not drop the weight and he knew that at some point in his life, he would have to begin making better choices with how he nurtured his body.

I admire anybody that is able to have the discipline to take control of their lives. Esteban is currently a freshman at San Diego State University where he plans on graduating with a BBA in either Marketing or International Business. When students go to college and gain the famous freshman 15 pounds, Esteban did the exact opposite. He decided to change his unhealthy eating habits by making healthier food choices and adding a daily exercise routine. Esteban cut the bad carbohydrates such as bread, tortillas, pasta and sugar and instead of eating three meals a day, now has five or more smaller, healthier meals throughout the day. He added green tea to his diet along with more fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, foods high in antioxidants and minerals such as acai, yogurt and other super foods like chia seeds and quinoa. Esteban also prepares snacks such as fruit and vegetables and has air popped popcorn drizzled with olive oil, granola bites and other fun and healthy snacks ready to go in case of a craving. Esteban’s exercise routine includes cardio and some weights. He has dropped weight and has become the healthiest he has ever been. He is also playing the best tennis of his life.

“Learning about how your body works is a personal and different journey for everyone. Some might have a fast metabolism that allows them to consume whatever they desire and still be perfectly fine. However, another person might have a slow metabolism which requires more effort to maintain a healthy weight. Although we do not decide how our metabolisms function, we do have a say on what we do to hinder or improve its performance. Eating healthier, smaller meals throughout the day and exercising are great examples of the correct course of action to a healthier and fitter lifestyle,” says Esteban.

The food that Esteban loves the most is sushi. Blue Smoke Sushi Lounge in Fashion Valley and RA Sushi Bar located in Downtown are two of his favorite places to dine. When at Blue Smoke Sushi Lounge, he likes to order the protein roll and the sashimi salad. At RA Sushi Bar, he loves the Bara Chirashi bowl. He is also a fan of Buon Appetito in Little Italy. When in Tijuana, he likes to go to Komasa for sushi, Cabanna and La Corriente Cevicheria Nais for tuna and fish tostadas. He also likes to visit Puerto Nuevo where they serve the best lobster in Baja.