Erika Funcke Martinez and Isabella Martinez-Funcke are a mother and daughter duo from Tijuana, México. Both Erika and then Isabella studied at the Academy of Our Lady of Peace which fittingly has a reputation of remarkable alumni. Not only are they successful entrepreneurs, they are exceptionally beautiful inside and out. Their business is a combination of photography, event decor and handmade personalized touches that showcase the art of México. We were inspired by how successful businesswomen like Erika and Isabella have been able show the world the beauty of Mexico and share the heritage through their creative ideas. This is evident in their passion and the details featured in their décor. Erika and Isabella were kind enough to share with us how they found success as well as how they are able to manage working together and staying healthy with their busy lives. Their story is a wonderful example of a truly unique mother-daughter relationship.

With their one-of-a-kind approach, they create a personalized touch for every client. “We like to use organic elements to make your gathering extra special and original,” Erika shares with Giving Back Magazine. They came up with the idea of starting the business when Erika’s style of decorating began to be noticed by others. It eventually reached a point where people were regularly contacting her to decorate for them. Isabella suggested that she take her talents and turn it into a business. Thus, their partnership was born. They started small by capturing every detail of their work as a unique selling point to gain recognition. As the pair began to get positive feedback, their popularity grew to become the business they are known as today, ‘Hija de tu Madre’ (Your Mother’s Daughter).

If running a successful business is not incredible enough, they are also able to manage a healthy lifestyle. Erika’s workout consists of a mix of kickboxing and barre or yoga. She also tends to eat light during the week as she likes to maintain paleo diet. On the other hand, Isabella loves pairing social time with her exercise by hiking and walking with friends. When they do allow themselves to indulge, their favorite spots to eat are Jaynes Gastropub in San Diego and Otto’s Grill in Tijuana.

Despite the challenges that arise, Erika and Isabella Funcke, are able to overcome them together, emerging stronger than before. Working with family members can create its own complications, however they work well together and the differences in their personalities complement each other. In Erika’s case, it is easy to balance family and her business as she works from home and doesn’t have young children. Besides running a business together, they also have individual goals they would like to accomplish. While Erika aspires to become a designer for tableware, linens and furniture, Isabella is opening her own restaurant and café. So, what’s the secret to their outstanding success? Enjoying what they do!