Paying it forward

Along any border exists opportunity. With opportunity, a select few individuals will rise to the occasion to lead the border communities to its potential. Enrique Schon is one of these special people bringing together and improving local communities. For his efforts, Enrique was chosen as “Entrepreneur of the Year – Latinos Making A Difference.”


As Founder and Chairman of San Diego’s Vibra Bank, Enrique’s vision to create a bank focused on understanding the customer is changing the landscape of local banking. Under his leadership, Vibra Bank is applying an innovative banking framework to empower entrepreneurs who have trouble receiving services from larger banks. This new framework is rooted in Enrique’s experience as an entrepreneur coming to the US to expand his businesses.

When coming to the United States, Enrique had trouble securing a credit card, bank accounts and even auto insurance despite previous successes. Enrique identified the need for a bank to genuinely look at customers for who they are and not simply their underlying financials. This know-your-customer approach enables many Latino entrepreneurs to bridge the gap of business between Mexico and the US or to simply secure the capital to grow their existing business. Stronger businesses make for stronger communities.

Through this approach, Vibra Bank has become a top SBA lender in California. Vibra Bank was awarded the Pioneer Award by the South County Economic Development. They recognized Vibra Bank for their “visionary contributions that are setting a new course for the South San Diego County region.” They see leadership in cultivating business in the South County through attainable SBA loans, financial assistance for Mexican-American business owners and diverse business mixers.

Enrique Schon and Vibra Bank have not stopped there. With an eye on continuous improvement and opportunity, Vibra Investments has been launched as a subsidiary of Vibra Bank. Using this same know-your-customer framework, Vibra Investments provides customized financial services and private wealth management with customer service unlike any bank. Vibra Banks’ customer relationships set them apart within an industry known for cookie cutter portfolios.

Look for big things to come in the future of Vibra Bank, Vibra Investments, Enrique Schon, and most importantly the communities they support.