Tijuana Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Romero comes from a family of doctors. His father was a professor of infectious diseases at UABC School of Medicine for 25 years. His mother was a Family Practitioner. The passion for medicine and the care of patients runs in the family, at the age of 18 Manuel Gutiérrez Romero began medical school. It was at that moment, he told himself, “One day I will be a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.”

Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Romero joined the faculty of medicine at the prestigious Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Tijuana campus. Subsequently, he moved to Mexico City to complete his specialty in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at the Hospital La Raza.

Today he is a well-renowned plastic surgeon with more than 16 years’ experience. He is the Secretary General of the College of Plastic Surgeons in Baja California. He has participated in numerous national and international conferences. Every year, his private practice in plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery undertakes an average of 1,500 surgeries.

His passion for helping his community motivated him to found Foundation MGR of Plastic Surgery, which provides free plastic and reconstructive surgery for low-income individuals who have medical necessities. He specializes in cleft palates and breast reconstruction due to breast cancer mastectomy. The individuals the doctor helps receive a better life filled with possibilities and a great future.

It is important to recognize all that Dr. Manuel Gutiérrez Romero does for his patients and his community, since he is making life better for all.