Dr. Deisy Cristina Boscán of the San Diego Psychology Center, which currently includes 5 mental health professionals Dr_Deisy_Boscanunder her supervision, provide fully bilingual English and Spanish services for adults and children. 

Dr Boscán tells GB Magazine, “My mission is for these services to be provided in a sensitive manner, taking into account the needs of my patients and the results they desire so as to enable them and their families to be emotionally strong, creating a healthier and more fulfilling future.”

Dr. Boscán was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, and lived in London during her years of education. With more than ten years of professional experience, she trained at Children’s Hospital and UCSD in psychiatry and neurology. Dr. Boscán and her staff have a broad patient spectrum, although, as Spanish speakers they place a special emphasis on the Hispanic community, through individual adult and child psychotherapy, as well as in groups.


The unique and essential programs the San Diego Psychology Center is conducting are for young children who have anxiety about entering school; for children within the Autism Spectrum; for helping children to utilize age appropriate skills to help deal with the “school-yard-bully”, and self-esteem for school age girls.


In giving back to her profession and the community, locally and internationally, Dr. Boscán currently serves as a member of a task force of the Starlight Children’s Foundation which assists more than 3 million children with chronic and life threatening illnesses and diseases. She is also the North America Vice President for the International Professional Studies Organization, an international association of candidates training in psychoanalysis. She often travels to different parts of the world to fulfill her professional interests and responsibilities.


Information about Dr. Boscán’s professional expertise and activities can be found on her web page at www.drboscan.com