Seaside Home and Kathleen Buoymaster Announce their Collaboration in forming a new division at Seaside Home

Superior full-service interior design and home furnishings has a new residence as Kathleen Buoymaster and Sheryll Jackman, two of San Diego’s most influential designers, have joined forces. Design Associates at Seaside Home’s mission is to continue sharing their combined decades of unparalleled experience of interior design services with clients seeking superb detail in residential and commercial projects, under one roof.

Sheryll, CEO and Creative Director of Seaside Home shares with Giving Back Magazine: “The best of all worlds have come together. Kathleen’s exclusive full-service interior design she has offered her clientele for nearly 30 years and Seaside’s fifteen years established in the community offering elegant home furnishings is providing an unprecedented opportunity in interior design service options to our shores.”

Buoymaster Studios will converge in its new residence, on the second-floor of Seaside Home at La Jolla’s Wall Street store. The appointment-only division consists of a state-of-the-art design library, meeting place and conference facilities.

Completing this trifecta, respected interior designer Joanne Hutchinson, A.S.I.D., weaves 30 plus years of experience in San Diego’s design community with Kathleen and Sheryll’s, composing the long-envisioned collaboration. The new association’s goal continues to provide complete synergy with clients’ architects, builders, landscape professionals and all tradesmen involved in creating new and remodeled custom residential and commercial projects. Kathleen mentions, “We believe design is subjective and requires input from all collaborators in order for success. Functioning as a team, a project can move along cohesively and efficiently resulting in the best design for clients.”

Though the women take pride in numerous awards and publications, local and national, they are also engaged contributors and active participants with selected community projects and organizations. Between this combination and their years of knowledge of interior design and history in San Diego, 2013 will see this new collaboration shine a beacon on our coast.