La Jolla Cosmetic Gynecology.

Today’s women are vitally engaged in life in every capacity. The last thing they want to be forced to contend with are body functions that aren’t cooperating as they should.

Women’s gynecological issues have long been relegated to whispers or vague references. As a culture, we tend to get a little embarrassed when someone uses the “v” word, or talks about the unpleasant realities of incontinence or “leaks”. But whispers and ignoring the problems only leave room for little problems to become bigger ones, or problems that end up being harder to fix.

Nature relaxes a woman’s collagen stores not only in visible areas like the face, but everywhere in the body. Collagen and elastin keep tissues firm and supportive. As firmness is lost, many women experience multiple changes in intimate areas. Often the topic of “what’s going on down there?” can be a little touchy to address.

Long reticent to outwardly seek solutions to their body’s dampened sexual responses after childbirth, or caused by menopause, women often weren’t sure where to go, what to ask for, what solutions might exist, or what to expect.

La Jolla’s Dr. Darush Mohyi is changing that scenario. This gentle and gentlemanly woman’s doctor has, for well over 2 decades, attended to the queries of his patients. A long time gynecologist and in vitro specialist, Dr. Mohyi knew there were a variety of solutions and felt women needed to have access to them all, in one place.

After mentoring with the best, combining his precision-honed gynecological skills with the innovative application of lasers and radio frequency, Dr. Mohyi opened La Jolla Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic. A practice wholly dedicated to enhancing a woman’s natural function as well as her self-confidence in her sexual attractiveness, the clinic offers a full slate of solutions, most of which are nonsurgical and painless.

“It took a deep breath to name the practice.”, Dr. Mohyi tells giving Back Magazine. “We weren’t sure if “cosmetic gynecology” would be as much of an accepted term in La Jolla as it was in Beverly Hills. But it was a deep breath well taken, because our clinic phone lights up all day, every day.”

So when the questions are, “Can a woman regain sensual tightness after vaginal birth or the collagen decline of age? Can she bypass the incontinence aisle in the drugstore? Can she laugh or sneeze or ride a horse without worry? Can she regain confidence to display her nude body?”, the answers are all a resounding “Yes!”